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BI-NET offers its members a wide range of benefits for its members:

-          Networking with peers, interested  stakeholders  and involved authorities  and building up partnerships

-          Promotion of the members’ activities, operation, events and missions

-          Professional Expertise and Knowledge pool in relation to business growth

-          Facilitation for the members’ participation in funding schemes, development initiatives and interoperable events

-          Lobbying and influencing regional, national and international policies for the support of entrepreneurship

In particular the Network will provide services in relation to the following issues:

-          Information on networking events and conferences

-          Information on training workshops and seminars

-          Creation and regular diffusion of electronic newsletters to the interested parties with useful material

-          A constantly updated  source of knowledge through publications about business development

-          Information of funding programmes/tools or similar opportunities for grants and financial aid.

-          Exchange of best practices in the field on  business incubating and business support in general

-          Exchange of knowledge with respect to the legal framework for reinforcement of entrepreneurship in the areas of intervention

-          Press relations and lobbying with parallel networks

-          Exchange of experience regarding competitive strategies, competencies and extroversion

-          Exchange of ideas and plans in relation to advanced technology and innovation

-          Consultancy on business growth issues

-          Promotion of the targeted territories and capitalization of results towards a common development policy for business and SMEs

The above mentioned services are not  exhaustive  but the very needs of the members should lead to an adjustment of the services, based on the operators’ capacities.

Registration is required for complete use of the BI-NET platform.

Please fill-in and send this form to one of the BI-Net members in your country (https://bi-net.eu/contact#), or from the closest country to you (in case if there is no BI-Net member in your country).

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